Corner case testing PlayStation Now

Some hours ago, PlayStation Now has become available in Germany. Almost a decade ago, I conducted research about game streaming as part of my thesis Mobile Games over 3G Video Calling and developed a prototype. We’ve come a long way since that day!

Testing Environment

Running on Windows, that’s running on a Macbook, using WiFi, connected to an error-prone router (Telekom Speedport) with a high-latency internet connection (hybrid / DSL + LTE, best effort, high bandwidth though).


Roundtrip delay relatively low (32ms), games playable, but interaction delay noticeable (haven’t played for a while, no reference), image blurred with compression artifacts. Might not be a good idea to sit an inch in front of a 4k display. Works well with Dualshock 3.

This analysis would never meet my research standards, it’s just a quick test!