Cryptocurrency: Personal Finance Management with Coinbase API and Open-Source Google Spreadsheet and Script

Most media and some experts see cryptocurrency struggling. Some say bitcoin and blockchain are overhyped or even locate crypto-exchanges in the trough of disillusionment. As s visionary and strategist, you know this may just be the right time to invest: As we’ve cycled about two-thirds of Gartner Hype Cycle, the plateau of productivity is almost graspable, limiting volatility.

  • I’ve developed a handy but simple Google Spreadsheet-Script to retrieve your current Ether balance from your wallet.
  • This is the first step to a truly open-source Personal Finance Management solution for an independent savings strategy.
  • I’ll explain why this is a rule-breaking MVP and why Ether, via Coinbase, is a perfect way to validate this idea.

Back in 2013 I was buying Bitcoin at Mt.Gox for about 70 €/BTC. Shortly after BTC/EUR exchange rates hit 700 €/BTC, Mt.Gox went insolvent in February 2014. Loosing 60 % of my investment (and 950 % of my potential payout and still waiting for compensation), I turned my back on cryptocurrencies for a while. In the last 12 months, I gave Ether a shot; with reasonable returns. Ether, technically similar to Bitcoin, isn’t just a currency based on Blockchain, but the fuel for a new kind of digital ecosystem. So-called Smart Contracts enable individuals and businesses to set-up any kind of contract, authenticate and get it certified by a crowd of Blockchain witnesses (nodes). Examples include loan and rental agreements or corporate bonds. With Blockchain’s built-in peer supervision, central authorities and even notaries may become redundant. This yields a huge opportunity for developers, startup-companies and investors. Continue reading “Cryptocurrency: Personal Finance Management with Coinbase API and Open-Source Google Spreadsheet and Script”

Efficiently Building MVPs for Lean Startups

» Ideas Are Easy, Implementation Is Hard « – Guy Kawasaki

I have met numerous entrepreneurs, startup teams and companies with brilliant ideas and strong visions. Creativity, knowledge and multidisciplinary teams foster disruptive ideas.

Implementing disruptive ideas is a complex problem, though. When it comes to complex problems, the relationship between cause and effect, by definition, is not clear. In order to figure out, if an idea is truely a great idea, we have to try it out!

Validated Learning

Both, the lean startup methology and the validated learning process, provide a proven approach for quick and early idea validation. Not until we performed some early testing, could we rank and compare multiple ideas and paths.

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