Update: Cryptocurrency: Personal Finance Management with Coinbase API and Open-Source Google Spreadsheet and Script

This is an update on the Google Spreadsheet for Cryptocurrency: Personal Finance Management with Coinbase API and Open-Source Google Spreadsheet and Script (24.07.2017):

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Rental Service for LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials – Reloaded 2017

In March 2015, I faced the following challenge: I had become a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator – or after the new Trademark Guidelines have been released, a “Certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials”. I had first customers and had a few starter kits, as well as exactly one Identity and Landscape Kit. But I needed more for already booked workshops! For a few workshops the purchase of the material was not economical. I was still uncertain, if there would be future inquiries and if the method would prove in the long term. So I was looking for a way to borrow LSP material. In a forum post I found someone who had the same problem, but also no solution.

A relevant problem, but no solution? Sounds like an opportunity…

I wanted to check demand for a rental service for LSP materials. So I built a small landing page for Germany, tested the demand using Google AdWords and wrote a short entry on Xing. Feedback and demand were good, albeit low in absolute terms. Due to the low number of LSP facilitators also not surprising: As of 2017, there are only about 150 German speaking facilitators, of which about 60 are certified (source: own calculation, member database seriousplaypro.com).

Nevertheless, this signal convinced me to buy more LSP material for my own workshops and lend it at the same time. Over time, demand grew.

After more than two years of gathering feedback and experience, it’s been time for a relaunch.

Read more at https://www.leansp.com/#about-us

Corner case testing PlayStation Now

Some hours ago, PlayStation Now has become available in Germany. Almost a decade ago, I conducted research about game streaming as part of my thesis Mobile Games over 3G Video Calling and developed a prototype. We’ve come a long way since that day!

Testing Environment

Running on Windows, that’s running on a Macbook, using WiFi, connected to an error-prone router (Telekom Speedport) with a high-latency internet connection (hybrid / DSL + LTE, best effort, high bandwidth though).


Roundtrip delay relatively low (32ms), games playable, but interaction delay noticeable (haven’t played for a while, no reference), image blurred with compression artifacts. Might not be a good idea to sit an inch in front of a 4k display. Works well with Dualshock 3.

This analysis would never meet my research standards, it’s just a quick test!

Cryptocurrency: Personal Finance Management with Coinbase API and Open-Source Google Spreadsheet and Script

Update 10.09.2017: Added support for Bitcoin and Euro wallet, Added display of current prices from Coinbase

Most media and some experts see cryptocurrency struggling. Some say bitcoin and blockchain are overhyped or even locate crypto-exchanges in the trough of disillusionment. As s visionary and strategist, you know this may just be the right time to invest: As we’ve cycled about two-thirds of Gartner Hype Cycle, the plateau of productivity is almost graspable, limiting volatility.

  • I’ve developed a handy but simple Google Spreadsheet-Script to retrieve your current Ether balance from your Coinbase.com wallet.
  • This is the first step to a truly open-source Personal Finance Management solution for an independent savings strategy.
  • I’ll explain why this is a rule-breaking MVP and why Ether, via Coinbase, is a perfect way to validate this idea.

Back in 2013 I was buying Bitcoin at Mt.Gox for about 70 €/BTC. Shortly after BTC/EUR exchange rates hit 700 €/BTC, Mt.Gox went insolvent in February 2014. Loosing 60 % of my investment (and 950 % of my potential payout and still waiting for compensation), I turned my back on cryptocurrencies for a while. In the last 12 months, I gave Ether a shot; with reasonable returns. Ether, technically similar to Bitcoin, isn’t just a currency based on Blockchain, but the fuel for a new kind of digital ecosystem. So-called Smart Contracts enable individuals and businesses to set-up any kind of contract, authenticate and get it certified by a crowd of Blockchain witnesses (nodes). Examples include loan and rental agreements or corporate bonds. With Blockchain’s built-in peer supervision, central authorities and even notaries may become redundant. This yields a huge opportunity for developers, startup-companies and investors. Continue reading “Cryptocurrency: Personal Finance Management with Coinbase API and Open-Source Google Spreadsheet and Script”

Efficiently Building MVPs for Lean Startups

» Ideas Are Easy, Implementation Is Hard « – Guy Kawasaki

I have met numerous entrepreneurs, startup teams and companies with brilliant ideas and strong visions. Creativity, knowledge and multidisciplinary teams foster disruptive ideas.

Implementing disruptive ideas is a complex problem, though. When it comes to complex problems, the relationship between cause and effect, by definition, is not clear. In order to figure out, if an idea is truely a great idea, we have to try it out!

Validated Learning

Both, the lean startup methology and the validated learning process, provide a proven approach for quick and early idea validation. Not until we performed some early testing, could we rank and compare multiple ideas and paths.

Continue reading “Efficiently Building MVPs for Lean Startups”